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Who We Work For

Do you have a Project that involves a property element?  Need help with understanding the consequences; preparing budgets; acquiring property rights; worried about site design or capturing all of the necessary information?   

Have you been approached by an Operator?  Not sure what statutory rights they have?  Not sure what you can require of them?  Want to make sure you protect your property and get a reasonable settlement?

Working on strategic solutions for networks and how to respond to the next round of technology updates?  Faced with challenging targets and under pressure from both Operator Customers and demanding Landlords?

Working on Telecom Policy issues but unsure of the practical consequences?  Working for a Government Agency and unfamiliar with telecom matters?  Drafting legislation and guidance and need a sounding board ?

Required to make property assets available but ensure of the consequences?  Concerned to meet statutory requirements but support network installation, in accordance with Policy objectives?  Need to call expert evidence for Inquiries? 

Concerned that we may be working for other Parties and your interests won't be safeguarded?

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