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Local Government

Local Authorities have been identified as being unique in their ability to support Operator networks by offering their property as telecom sites, through the Digital Connectivity Infrastructure Accelerator (DCIA). Even without grant assistance, improved connectivity within Districts provides benefits for the community and provides better opportunities for growth.  In the absence of any further guidance or support, Local Authorities face a range of dilemmas in trying to respond positively in ways that can support this development without offending existing interests and communities.

We have experience of acting for a number of Local Authorities, as both Planning Consultant and in the installation of telecommunication systems.  We are, therefore, familiar with many of the constraints under which Local Authorities have to work and the advantages their statutory role can provide.


We are able to provide direct consultancy services to Councils who may be struggling to understand how they can meet some of the digital service objectives at a practical level or support them by providing Expert Evidence at Inquiries, when necessary.

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