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Telecom acquisition includes a range of issues, for example: -

  • Access arrangements

  • New masts and upgrades

  • New antennas on buildings and upgrades

  • Street Works

  • Small cells

  • Antenna swaps

  • Additional equipment (Power supplies, MHAs, Cabinets, Air conditioning units, Satellite dishes)

  • Transmission antennas

  • Cable wayleaves

All of these issues need an understanding of the radio technology, civil design, health & safety implications and the ability to talk to the radio planners, civil engineers and others in order to make sure the deployment can be translated into a project that can be delivered at a practical level.  The implications of installing this apparatus on third party land and the problems that can be caused will shape the civil design of the site.  The acquisition itself is governed by Planning Law and the Telecom Code, as well as the consent of the various controlling parties.  Once all of these issues have been assessed, the terms of an Agreement permitting occupation can become straight forward.  We would expect to compete an Agreed Head of Terms document and liaise with Clients’ solicitors, to see those translated into a Lease or Licence, confirming the occupation right

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