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Site Design

The design of the telecom site can make the difference been a successful site and one that constantly causes problems for the Site Provider and/or the Operator.  Chris Stratton has worked closely with a number of companies over the last twenty years.  He has found that many companies can work with masts but adding telecom apparatus to buildings requires a particular skill set


CPS Ltd is pleased to offer telecom site design services, provided in combination with Building Surveying Telecom Specialist, Midlands based Shire Consulting.  We have (or expect to be provided with) the Operators’ equipment specifications.  Together we can gather the requirements of the Site Provider and provide the necessary equipment, in the right place, to satisfy Operators’ network needs, having taken account of joint responsibility for ICNIRP, health & safety, structural, maintenance and all of the other factors that create a successful, sustainable site.

In addition we can complete full structural surveys (and GDCs) for both masts and buildings.

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