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Conflict of Interest

Accepting instructions from different Clients gives rise to an obvious potential for a conflict of interest to arise

We are always clear who our Clients are, for each Project we work on.  Whether Operator, Site Provider or other interested party, we will do our best to meet, or exceed, your expectations.  We will decline instructions from anyone if already working on a Project that conflicts with other Clients’ interests and in every case will make it clear for whom we are working and have worked for in the past


We believe that our experience of working for a range of different interests provides a level of understanding that can be of significant advantage to all parties.  We do, however, recognise that some potential Clients may be uncomfortable and will work with them to ensure they only issue instructions when they have fully understood and are aware of our background and approach.


All Client information is kept secure and confidential

As a Fellow of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, our Principal, Chris Stratton, remains conscious of the his obligations under the RICS Professional Statement on Conflicts of Interest, which states that "An RICS member or regulated firm must not advise or represent a client where doing so would involve a Conflict of Interest or a significant risk of a Conflict of Interest; other than where all of those who are or may be affected have provided their prior Informed Consent. Informed Consent may be sought only where the RICS member or regulated firm is satisfied that proceeding despite a Conflict of Interest is:

a in the interests of all of those who are or may be affected and

b is not prohibited by law,

and that the conflict will not prevent the member or regulated firm from providing competent and diligent advice to those that may be affected".

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