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Town & Country Planning

While many telecom developments are granted planning permission by the General Permitted Development Orders, the exclusions and conditions are sometimes complicated and difficult to interpret.  Further they vary in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.  We can assist with the interpretation of the Statute and deal with the implications, whether through a Notification (under the Telecommunication Regulations), Prior Approval or Planning Application, or Appeal, by written representations, informal hearing or inquiry.  Where we think that the development is relatively small or unobtrusive, we will always check to see if the Local Planning Authority will accept it as de minimis (too small to warrant formal submissions) and avoid the costs in fees and time of having to prepare submissions.

(Please note, all planning consents are now required to provide an increase in bio-diversity.  We have experience in this area and can either assist directly or call upon other consultants with specialist knowledge in this area.)

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