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Communication Property Services Limited

The professional services solution for all property related issues for finding, designing, acquiring and managing telecom sites

For all Operators, for Site Providers, for Wireless Infrastructure Providers, for Central Government and for Local Government

Over twenty years of experience, working on some of the most significant Projects in the UK 

Our Services

Our Services


Details of the tasks required to secure rights to install telecom apparatus on someone else's land

Town & Country Planning

Details of the arrangements for removing statutory constraints on deploying telecom apparatus


An explanation of Telecom Site Design and the importance of choosing the right skills for different site types

Project Budgeting

Details of where Projects can go wrong and how knowledge and experience can assist to mitigate risks

Project Management

Ensuring the Project is set up to produce the right data to manage and control Projects with the ability to change 

Estate Management

Details of capturing the right information to look after the telecom property now and in the future

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